20 Good Reasons To Join

Why Informatics Group of Colleges?

Created by a team of professionals who have real life experience as first respondents, we are dedicated to not only meeting the needs of quality education, but also exceeding it.
The Informatics Group of College (IGC) Franchise is a solid business opportunity in an important field with high demand. With a relatively modest investment, our Franchises are seizing a larger share of a billion-rupee industry and you can too.
With courses are being offered in more than 20 growing fields.

20 Good Reasons to Join IGC

  1. A Complete Career Path; from College to Professional Institutes
  2. Committed, Experienced & Professionally Distinguished Faculty
  3. Meeting All Academic Needs during College Hours – No Need for Tuition
  4. A Centrally Controlled System that assures Quality Academics
  5. Holistic Development through Intellectual, Social, Physical & Moral Grooming
  6. On Credit: Highly Qualified faculty for all Subjects
  7. Well-furnished & well equipped Science labs
  8. Contemporary Study Techniques and Result-Oriented
  9. Teaching Methodology that Prepares Students for Final Exams
  10. Integrated Curriculum Development for intermediate, graduate and master classes
  11. Comprehensive Student Counseling Sessions and Motivational Lectures
  12. Monthly PTMs and SMS Alerts/Notifications
  13. MCQs based computerized test system
  14. Sports and Recreational Activities
  15. An ideal, digital and organized library
  16. A conference hall and well established café
  17. Well-secured Transportation Facility
  18. Special Exercises & Sessions for I.Q, tutorials and Bazam-e-Adab
  19. Separate & Spacious Campuses for Boys & Girls
  20. Above All, a firm commitment of Excellent Results in Exams