Teacher’s Training

Teachers' Training At Informatics Group of Colleges

Informatics Group of Colleges is working hard to improve and innovate new ways of assisting teaching faculty for knowledge-based learning and enhancing their own personal capacity through comprehensive resources. Here are just some of the resources that we currently have and are continuing to expand each day:

1- Management leadership

2- Managing Colleges (administrative staff)

3- Managing classrooms (teaching faculty)

4- Achieving goals for higher classroom excellence

5- Improving student grades

6- College improvement programs

7- Teacher / Student assessment manuals

8- Literacy development

9- Strategic planning for schools

10- Guides for  College staff development

11- Learning through technology

12- Guides for professional development of teachers

13- Teacher training manuals

14- College law cases and concepts

15- Curriculum planning guides

16- Educational philosophy

17- Tips and new innovative ideas for fresh teachers

18- Theory and practices of training teaching faculty