Executive Director's Message

- Prof. Muhammad Shahzad Niaz

I welcome you to Informatics Group of Colleges, one of the leading partaker in imparting education. This significant place of learning is determined to disseminate quality education to all young Pakistanis keeping in mind the mission of the group of producing a workforce to gratify the nation’s present and future needs. This seat of learning predominantly encourages the involvement of the devoted and ignored young students of remote rural areas of Punjab and the Southern Punjab. I feel honour to be the part of this prestigious organization that aims to uplift the entire community ensuring excellence through academic activities and empowering nation-builders.

Education is my most cherished possession that I do believe can eradicate ignorance and evil illuminating man’s mind and soul. It energizes a society and strengthens country’s roots especially if it is in correlation with the moral, cultural and religious values and teachings. Our aim is to produce a young lot that is sufficiently aware of ethical and spiritual tenets besides being intellectual and skillful. This is how we can be the agent of positive change by eliminating hurdles of class and privilege to make our society a paragon of fertility and fraternity.

I intend to align my efforts with the vision of my organization i.e. to foster an atmosphere valuable for intellectual and physical growth of our students so that they may enable themselves to meet the real life challenges with self-reliance and self-confidence. We look forward to provide our students with exciting opportunities for their academic, creative and professional amelioration. We hope you will support us in our humble efforts amply reflected in Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s words:

I insist you to strive. Work, Work and only work for satisfaction with patience, humbleness and serve thy nation. (All India Muslim Students Conference Jalandhur, 15 Nov 1942)