Advantages for the Franchisee?

In line with organizational philosophy, we hope to collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs and entities to expedite our mission to impart modern education to everyone and everywhere across the length and breadth of Pakistan. As an Informatics Group of Colleges owner, you become part of a team that is focused on supplementing your business with the best tools, training, and support. In pursuit of the noble goal of delivering quality education in Pakistan, we welcome you to join us towards success and prosperity.

Quality Assurance

To ensure high standards of quality, our Monitoring team will carry out periodic Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) visits.To ensure compliance with our acclaimed standards, standardized documents would be used in all franchise college.

Marketing Support

IGC shall provide marketing support and make it sure that all Marketing & Media Toolkit including standard designs for flyers, ads for newspapers, print ads, billboards and banners etc. should be provided to Franchisee.

Financial Advisory

To ensure a quick return on investment, Informatics Group of Colleges will provide you “Financial Advisory” services by top-notch chartered accountants. Without increasing the cost, we help you identify and measure your key profit drivers and develop strategies to grow them.

Academic Support

Our team of seasoned academicians, educators and experts provide you with a complete academic supports that are based on critical thinking and projects based approaches to make students’ ability to reach their fullest potential.

International Collaborations

International Collaboration enables us to offer world-class education right here in Pakistan, with a commitment to initiate student exchange programs with international institutions in the near future.

Management Support

Informatics Group of Colleges will provide you with complete management support for chalking out effective business policies and devising training courses for the management of our franchises.


Informatics Group of Colleges are looking for candidates that meet the standards of quality set by our QA team. We are looking for candidates with aptitude and capability. To become our franchisee will carry out lots of advantages for you and will enable you to achieve a high scale in your operations. It is not easy to open a new college, it is a tedious process, and it requires a learning curve, including a proper understanding of perfect academic expertise, management processes, system communication procedures and efforts. However, Informatics Group of Colleges will facilitate you to have possession of business with minimal hassle and will help you achieve scale in your operations.
We are looking for driven and committed individuals who have the passion to reform their communities. In addition, you will need:

– A college may be purpose built on available land (owned or leased) or an existing building refurbished according to the given parameters.

– The network associate fee and royalty will be pre-decided and standardized.

Minimum 4 Canal area is required.

– Association period would be 10 years.